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Who is orchestrating the smear campaign against Phorm?

"Two weeks ago a trusted industry colleague mentioned that he had been told by one of Phorm's competitors that Privacy International will soon ‘feel the heat’ from the anti-Phorm lobby.

I didn't give the comment any real attention at the time, but I certainly will do now. In the past week there has been a substantial surge in hostile emails to us, and even emails to our advisers and Trustees complaining that PI has not taken an aggressive position on Phorm. Almost nothing for six months, and now this.

What I want to know is this: how is it that one of Phorm's commercial competitors knew in advance that this activity would take place?

Unless I'm sorely mistaken, something here smells rotten. If people here are talking with the enemy's competition (who are in the same business as Phorm) then there's a possibility by any standards in the real world that they are also taking money or advice from them or that they have some other vested interest."